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Ascend with Elegance in Colorado

5280 Custom Woodworks is renowned across Colorado for crafting staircases that are not just functional structures but artistic masterpieces. Drawing inspiration from Colorado's majestic landscapes, our staircases serve as a reflection of the state's grandeur, elevating homes and businesses with every step.

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Boulder's Staircase Specialists

Nestled in Boulder, our team specializes in designing and installing staircases that capture the essence of Colorado living. Whether it's a rustic design reminiscent of mountain lodges or a contemporary piece echoing Boulder's modern vibe, our staircases are a testament to our dedication to excellence and local craftsmanship.

Diverse Styles: From spiral to straight, floating to flared, we craft staircases in a range of designs.

Safety First: All staircases are compliant with the latest building codes, ensuring safety without sacrificing beauty.

Artistic Craftsmanship: Each staircase is a blend of functionality and artistry, elevating the ambiance of any space.